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The Quest

If you need to build a Quest on the fly or you are looking for inspiration you can pull on the following tables to build the outline.


  1. A deity (roll on the list if you see fit)
  2. A local authority (king, nobles, council, etc)
  3. An old friend or relative
  4. A dear master or old mentor
  5. A local population in need
  6. Someone malicious who can blackmail the party


  1. Recover a Gift
  2. Stop a Legendary Creature
  3. Find a Legendary Place
  4. Appease the wrath of a deity (to stop famine, diseases,earthquakes,etc)
  5. Escort or delivering something
  6. Rescue someone


  1. To help the inquirer
  2. To get your hands on the Prize
  3. An oracle has foreseen it
  4. Your daimon urges you to do so
  5. To seek fortune and glory
  6. To avenge a wrong (to you or someone else)

Where (1d6 days distant)

  1. Caverns
  2. Ruins
  3. Faraway Land (see Seafaring Adventures)
  4. Labyrinth
  5. Palace
  6. Abode of a deity


  1. During a quiet moment someone comes looking for you
  2. An old acquaintance asks you
  3. Have you heard any rumors where you are now
  4. You have been arrested or imprisoned and this is the condition of release
  5. It wasn’t planned, but it happened
  6. You have found an object that pushes you towards the Quest


  1. Someone wants to stop you (1-2: a deity 3-4: another party 5-6: a hero)
  2. You have been deceived, the mission is not what it seems
  3. The target is different from what was planned
  4. Someone in your party is not who they seem
  5. You arrived too late/early
  6. The target is somewhere else