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Seafaring Adventures

The World of Thálassa has the Sea at its core and it is surrounded by The Ocean. Travel by sea is a common, yet dangerous, mean of transportation.

Peoples and communities communicate and trade through routes, even if they cannot rely on equipment such as a sextant or compass. Navigation is preferably done by keeping the coast in sight, stopping at night, and orienting with the sun, stars, and coastal features (if known).

Venturing out on a quest is a risky endeavor that involves facing unknown seas and the vagaries of climate, landing on mysterious islands to obtain supplies and meeting enigmatic peoples and legendary creatures.

Route for the Adventure

Characters establish a route to their destination.

The odigós rolls 1d6 to determine the number of waypoints required. These may increase due to bad weather or unforeseen events (see below). The journey will last 1d10 days per waypoint. Each night the crew must rest. If they are in open sea, shifts will be arranged.

Whenever there will be coast in sight (every 1d4 days between waypoints), the crew should land for repairs and look for food.

Contingencies and Get Lost

At each waypoint or landing a d6 will be rolled to determine an event that will affect the next moves of the adventure. This system is intended as a guideline. The odigós will interpret the result in a way that best suits the fiction.

D6 Event
1 Encounter
2 Clue to next waypoint
3 Change of sea condition
4 Shift weather
5 Unexpected hindrance
6 Getting lost

Weather conditions should be interpreted according to the fiction. Events such as storms or calms can have equally important effects on the course of the adventure (e.g., a storm rips the sails, calms add 1d6 days to the journey and decreases water and food supplies, etc).

Unexplored Lands

Should it be necessary to determine the nature of the waypoint or stop, you can use the tables below (only roll on necessary columns).

D6 Location Landing Inhabitants Landmark
1 Inhabited Island Reefs Humans Large Caves
2 Wild Island Sandy Beaches Centaurs Abandoned Mines
3 Wild Coast High Cliffs Cyclopes Ruined Fortress
4 Village Cove Gigantes Remote Temple
5 Large Settlement Pier Nymphs Dark Swamps
6 Legendary Creature Lair Mixed Legendary Creatures Lush Forest