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Thálassa is based on the Cairn SRD by Yochai Gal (release under CC BY-SA 4.0 license) which derived from Weird North by Jim Parkin, Into the Odd by Chris McDowall, and Knave by Ben Milton.

A huge thanks to:

  • Yochai Gal: for Cairn, the NSR Discord server, and the kind support.
  • Tom Van Winkle: for correcting all the Greek words and addressing me on magic in the ancient world.
  • Alessio Persichetti: for all the valuable advice and for tolerating my lucubrations.
  • Giovanni Tamba: for directing me on monster stats with his advice.
  • The NSR and The Cauldron communities: for advice and support on this project.


  • v 1.2: Editorial corrections
  • v 1.1: Minor fixes
  • v 1.0: Final version
  • v 0.6: Bestiary is complete
  • v 0.5.1: Bestiary entries revision
  • v 0.5: first Bestiary entries
  • v 0.4.2: Credits added
  • v 0.4.1: fixed index
  • v 0.4: first public release, completed Magic with Goïteia and Incantations
  • v 0.3: Principles of the World added, backgrounds completed, magic terminology changed , Eukhé completed
  • v 0.2: Magic drafted, equipment completed, attributes terminology changed, Gifts added
  • v 0.1: Cairn forked, encumbrance rules modified, replaced Treasure with Prize