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Character Creation

Name, Origin & Traits

First, choose or roll a name for your character from the Background tables, and their origin, indicating where they come from.

Next, roll for the rest of your character’s traits (appearance, speech, mannerisms, beliefs, reputation, etc.) on the Character Traits tables.

Finally, roll for their age (2d20+10).

Ability Scores

Player Characters (PCs) have just three attributes:

  • kratos (KRA) (strength)
  • tekhne (TEK) (nimbleness)
  • thumos (THU) (control)

When creating a PC, the player should roll 3d6 for each of their character’s ability scores, in order. They may then swap any two of the results.

Ines rolls for her character’s KRA, resulting in a 2, a 4, and a 6, totaling 12. The next two ability rolls result in a 9 for TEK and a 13 for THU. She decides to swap the 12 and the 9, for a character with 9 KRA, 12 TEK and 13 THU.


Roll 1d6 to determine your PC’s starting Stamina (STA), which reflects their ability to avoid damage in combat. STA does not indicate a character’s health or fortitude; nor do they lose it for very long (see Healing). If an attack takes a PC’s STA exactly to 0, the player must roll on the Scars table.


Characters have a total of inventory slots equal to their KRA: this represents the character’s ability to to bear the weight and fatigue of carrying the equipment without being adversely affected.

Most items take up one slot, and small items can be bundled together. Slots are abstract and can be rearranged per the odigós’ discretion.

Bulky items take up two slots and are typically two-handed or awkward to carry. Anyone carrying a full inventory (e.g. filling all 10 slots) is reduced to 0 STA.

A PC cannot carry more items than their inventory allows. Carts (which must be pulled with both hands), horses, or mules can increase inventory. Companions can also be paid to carry equipment.

Starting Gear

All PCs begin with:

  • Three days’ rations (one slot)
  • A weapon (roll on the related table)
  • 3d6 electron coins

Roll on the Starting Gear tables to determine your PC’s armor, tools, and equipment.

See the Equipment List for related armor, damage, and slot values. Smaller items can sometimes be bundled together into one slot.