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Appendix Ω

The inspiration for this game is drawn primarily from the literary works of Ancient Greece, but to find other ideas you can take a look at other sources. Here I suggest some of them, but surely you can find many others.

Primary Sources

  • Aeschylus. The Persians and Prometheus Bound
  • Apollodorus. Library and Epitome
  • Apollonius of Rhodes. Argonautica
  • Hesiod. Theogony and Works and Days
  • Homer. The Iliad and The Odyssey. Hymns to Aphrodite, Demeter and Hermes

Modern Novels and Retellings

  • Atwood, Margaret. The Penelopiad
  • Barker, Pat. The Silence of the Girls and The Women of Troy
  • Graves, Robert. The Greek Myths, Homer’s Daughter, The Golden Fleece
  • Haynes, Natalie. A Thousand Ships
  • Heywood, Claire. Daughters of Sparta
  • Le Guin, Ursula K. Lavinia
  • Lynn, Hannah. Athena’s Child, A Spartan’s Sorrow, Queens of Themiscyra
  • Miller, Madeline. Circe and The Song of Achilles
  • Renault, Mary. The Bull from the Sea and The King Must Die